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Monday, March 24, 2008

Mainstay storms Farmer Road!!!

The Mainstay officially became a bride on Farmer Road Saturday morning. He actually won a sprint. Nevermind the fact that he was the only one who knew where the "real" line was...he won it. And Big Poppa, Trashman, and myself were fortunate enough to be by his side on his special day. I've never been so proud.

It all started at a Pre-T500 team dinner at 6 Feet Under. Even The Imposter and the Ladyfriend stopped in for a quick beer. The Lanterne showed his face too (He also shared some fried okra with me- He's a Pro, so I put one piece in my pocket and took it home as a keepsake). Midway through dinner, the Mainstay called his shot after umpteen cocktails on Day 12 of his streak of his Spring Break tour of inebriation (Please note that the streak is still 14 days and going strong). We DNF'd the Rehabilitate the Mainstay fundraiser Saturday afternoon, so I really don't see any end in sight. After the early DNF, a nearly 10 hour bender ensued. This has subsequently left me with a severely sprained liver.

Possibly even more amazing than the Mainstay taking the sprint on Saturday is what happened afterward. An incredibly low-speed 6 man crash followed by two grown men in white spandex screaming at one another for about 15 minutes, then throwing punches in the middle of the road. Awesome. Neither was a day under 40 years old...and both were teammates. Who needs enemies when you've got friends like that? I'm certainly not going to name any names, but one of the guys had really tan and CHISELed legs. And no need to embarrass the whole team, so I'll leave that out too...but I seriously think they might be a feeder team for the Quick-Step masters program.

Always thinking ahead, the Trashman stood in the middle of the melee yelling for anyone that might have video on their phone. Unfortunately, YouTube wouldn't be so for now you'll just have to settle for the below reenactment. As the dust settled, I think what bothered me most was the fact that Big Jon hit the deck for the 2nd time in 6 days and neither screamed at, nor swung at anyone. That's just not natural.

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